Building Your Supply Chain

Research & Development

Our Product Development teams are the foundation of Oi’s state-of-the-art supply chain. In all facets of R&D, we combine analysis of up-to-date trend and material information from external sources, with our team’s know-how of customer target groups.

featuring LIMITED is our Virtual Development Competence Centre that supports this process. Our featuring team focuses on implementing 3D design solutions wherever possible in order to reduce sample lead time, save resources and reduce our negative environmental impact.


Product Development

  • Trend research
  • New design concept
  • Technical specifications
  • Private label

Fabric Engineering

  • Fabric research
  • Inspection of fabric quality

3D Design

  • Virtual product development
  • Prints & graphics

Sourcing & Supply Chain Services

From Audit Services to Sourcing, we deliver reliable and transparent sourcing to the highest of CR standards. Our unique tools have been devised, and in some cases developed together with our clients so that they address real market needs, giving your business a significant competitive advantage.

We fully endorse the growing importance of social responsibility in our industry. This is why we have established an independently managed auditing company, moving the social and quality auditing teams to ASTRA Supply Chain Services Ltd.


Country Portfolio

  • Consulting
  • Alternate market sourcing
  • Market development reports
  • Sourcing of sustainable materials
  • Research & Development

Vendor Portfolio

  • New vendor sourcing
  • Vendor performance monitoring
  • Vendor capacity monitoring
  • Vendor negotiation support


  • Conduction of social & quality audits
  • Reporting on compliance
  • Support through c-Smart
  • Monitoring of required standards
  • Training of suppliers
  • Unannounced audits

Quality Development & Assurance

Creating quality goods starts with vigorous product development, sampling, and material testing. In every OI office, we have experienced technicians that respond to the various fitting, quality and legal requirements of our customers’ styles.

We help our customers to find the best fabrics, trims and accessories, initiate physical and chemical testing with laboratories. With our vendors and factories, we constantly work on maintaining and improving standards of workmanship. Your product is in expert hands!



  • Styling evaluation
  • Lab dip approval
  • Material quality inspection

Quality Assurance

  • Technical styling evaluation
  • Sampling process execution
  • 3D fit approvals
  • Pattern improvements
  • Standard pattern development
  • TechPack creation
  • Training of suppliers
  • Claim handling

Quality Development

  • Pre-production meetings
  • CD chart approval
  • Technical solutions
  • Oi testing system


Oi supports the production process with order management and tracking systems. We offer high flexibility for our customers with low Minimum Order Quantities, quick response and fast delivery times, ideal for multi-channel business.

To assure all products conform to the necessary quality standards, we maintain a global network of professional inspectors to assess the merchandise. We aim to identify potential problems early, to take action to ensure improvement, as well as to deliver products of excellent quality. Our qualified and trained Quality Control staff has a presence in every sourcing country that we operate in.


Order Management

  • Order processing & tracking
  • Troubleshooting

Quality Control

  • Pilot-run, inline & final inspection
  • Factory Task Force
  • Usage & reporting via digital inspection system
  • Analysis of customer quality reports
  • Training of suppliers

Logistics & Warehousing

One of the most important requirements of modern sourcing is the transparent flow of goods and documents, which gives us the option to take corrective action if need be. This is exactly what our Trader Documentation Service (TDS) provides. It allows forwarders, vendors and our customers to monitor orders and check documents in real time.

Within the scope of Logistics & Warehousing, we also offer unique Vendor Payment Services. Here we are the middle-man by pre-financing suppliers and providing late payment options to our customers.


Vendor Payment Services

  • Vendor Payment
  • Payable Services
  • Fintech

Shipping & Export

  • Documentation
  • Shipping partner, carrier & forwarder coordination
  • Freight capacity forecasting
  • Tradelink/e-docs

IT Services & Digitalisation

The rapid progress of technology in all areas of the supply chain has lead to numerous opportunities for optimisation. Otto International provides IT-based solutions every step of the way to ensure efficiency and transparency across our whole operation. Our Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) platform allows for collaborative product & quality development.

In addition to our high-performance IT-solutions, our teams in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Dongguan, and Hamburg provide our customers with a comprehensive consulting and support service. This service covers all sourcing-related processes and activities including OI PLM and TDS.


IT Infrastructure

  • Web-based tracking of product process along the whole supply chain


  • Interfaces for customers & suppliers
  • SCM platform
  • Oi PLM platform
  • Tradelink

Research &

  • Digital showroom
  • Trend blog
  • Store check tools

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